Safety Programs

Delta Innovative Services seeks to lead the way in roofing safety. The goal of our safety program is to reduce injuries, and maintain compliance with OSHA regulations. Regular construction site safety inspections are conducted by Tom Ruzicka, our Director of Safety.

Delta Innovative Services

Safety has always been our number one priority at Delta Integrated Services. We are fully committed to providing our employees and clients with a safe work environment. We utilize intense planning, communication and continual hands-on training to meet this commitment.

Our employees know that even one accident is one too many. By learning to make the correct safety decisions, and understanding that every employee has the right and responsibility to stop any unsafe operations — Delta employees are empowered to work toward a common goal of zero workplace incidents.

We begin every project by determining what safety concerns exist, identifying steps that can be taken to address those concerns, and evaluating how our employees can work together to maintain a safe workplace. During safety inspections, any problems or concerns that are uncovered are corrected or addressed immediately. We follow strict compliance with company policies and industry regulations including, but not limited to:

  • Daily communication on all construction sites to discuss hazards and safety protocol.
  • Hard hats and safety vests and other protective equipment are worn.
  • Annual safety training and OSHA classes are attended.
  • All Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations are followed.
  • Backup alarms on equipment.
  • Defensive driving instruction for all drivers of company vehicles.
  • New employees are mentored by seasoned employees.
  • As a family-owned company, we view our employees as our greatest assets. As a company, we work hard each day to ensure our people return home safe each night.
Delta Innovative Services

As part of our safety culture, we utilize many unique engineering techniques to provide fall protection to employees. A combination of personal fall arrest systems, guardrails, Raptor Fall Protection Carts and Raptor Skynets are used to ensure employee safety from falls.

Employees are provided training sessions that include competent person fall protection, OSHA 10 Hour Certification training, equipment training, and hazardous materials training. Delta Innovative Services has a safety committee that meets on a monthly basis to evaluate safety concerns. We discuss recent occurrences, and refine the safety program as a whole. All employees are involved in company-wide incentive programs. They are rewarded for safe construction site conditions and corrected problems. See photos from a recent Safety Training Event.

These construction site safety meetings are unique. They frequently combine hands-on training and a traditional safety meeting, all-in-one. Corrective actions are used as an example during these safety meetings, giving employees an opportunity to receive an explanation regarding procedures that were corrected. This allows the employee to participate in creating a solution — fostering a team atmosphere that is second-to-none in the construction industry.

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  No one should have to sacrifice their personal safety for their livelihood, because a nation built on the dignity of work must provide safe working conditions for its people.  
— Thomas E. Perez
Secretary of Labor