Delta Innovative Services has installed some amazing roofs (large and small) throughout Kansas and Missouri. Our Project Portfolio includes high schools, hospitals, hotels, warehouses, apartment complexes, strip malls, manufacturing plants, military installations, federal government buildings, aviation facilities, and shopping centers.

Delta Innovative Services

We have several high-quality brochures with information about our company, our roofing services, roofing systems, and recent projects. By clicking twice on the thumbnail, can download any of our brochures, project briefs or roofing services flyers (in PDF format).

Our informative newsletters help to keep you in-the-know. They are delivered via email, and may be packaged as announcements, HTML newsletters, or press releases. They may also provide links to our Facebook page, or to an event registration.


    Company Brochure
    Bifold Brochure


  • 2015-Volume-1
    2015 vol.1
  • 2015-Volume-2
    2015 vol.2
  • 2015-Volume-3
    2015 vol.3
  • 2015-Volume-4
    2015 vol.4
  • 2015-Volume-5
    2015 vol.5
  • 2016-Volume-6
    2016 vol.1

Project Briefs

  • applebees
  • capitol-federal
    Capitol Federal
  • cerner
    Cerner Data Center
  • federal-courthouse
    Federal Courthouse
  • federal-reserve
    Federal Reserve
  • ford-plant
    Ford Motor Plant
  • fort-leavenworth
    Fort Leavenworth
  • hotel-sorella
    Hotel Sorella
  • ikea
  • jewish-center
    Jewish Community Center
  • johnson-county
    Johnson County
  • kansas-bioscience
    Kansas BioScience
  • leawood
    Leawood Justice Center
  • liberty-north
    Liberty North High School
  • ls-district
    Lee's Summit District
  • ls-elementary
    Lee's Summit Elementary
  • millbrooke-elementary
    Millbrooke Elementary
  • overland-park
    Overland Park Medical
  • santamarta
    Santa Marta Living
  • umkc-library
    UMKC Library
  • umkc-scofield
    UMKC Scofield
  • us-postal
    U.S. Postal Topeka
  • wh-elementary
    Warren Hills Elementary
  • zonarosa
    Zona Rosa Bldg. B-2

Roofing Services Flyers

  • bitumen
    Modified Bitumen
  • builtup
    Built-Up Roofs
  • commercial
    Commercial Roofing
  • emergency
    Emergency Repairs
  • garden
    Garden/Plaza Roofs
  • maintenance
    Roof Maintenance
  • repairs
    Roof Repairs
  • restoration
  • safety
    Safety Program
  • singleply
    Single-Ply Roofs

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